Table 1.

Stratigraphy of the coastal sections at Happisburgh (after Lee et al. 2008)

LithostratigraphyDescriptionEnvironment of deposition
Lowestoft Glacigenic Formation
Walcott Till MemberSilt-rich, chalky diamictonSubglacial
Happisburgh Glacigenic Formation
Corton Sand MemberStratified fine sandsDistal glacifluvial outwash
Corton Diamicton MemberSand-rich, brown, diamictonSubaqueous debris fan
Happisburgh Sand MemberStratified sandSubaqueous delta
Unnamed Pebbly DiamictonSubaerial debris flow
Ostend Clay MemberLaminated silts and claysGlacilacustrine
Happisburgh Till MemberSand-rich, grey, diamictonSubglacial
Wroxham Crag FormationTidal rhythmites (silts and clays)Coastal